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Barry Barbas - President

We are a Mobile Service, which means, We Come To You. The above address is our residence, not a store front.

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We Polished glass for the factories, contractors and homeowners. Scratched Glass Repair by the glass scratch removal professionals, Florida. We work in your shop or on your site to the highest professional standards. Glass Repair, Venice Florida to Miami.

Barry Barbas, Restoring Glass Since 2005                                                 Severe mineral deposits on glass. We remove mineral deposit, Florida, calcium deposit on glass. Mineral deposits frequently occur where irrigation systems mist the glass. We can remove and restore glass with moderate to severe mineral deposit. 941-923-967


We started this company, partly by accident, and partly by opportunity. 

Native to Northeast, Ohio, now residing in Sarasota Florida.

I am a lifelong construction professional, and have been a Licensed Contractor since 2001. My License # is RB0067160.

I spent a total of 17 years with the Carpenters Union in Akron, Norwalk and Dayton Ohio. Large buildings were the norm, with one build reaching the $1 Billion price tag. I was a carpenter and a supervisor on most projects during that period, with 6-12 people working under my supervision.

In 2000 I moved my Family to Sarasota to start up business here. 

Because we ran into problems on a large Siesta Key project, having dozens of pieces ofglass scratched, I was forced to deal with a difficult issue. Glass Replacement was not an option. As a Contractor, I know exactly how important being efficient is, and minimizing losses when problems come up. A good defensive plan can rescue a company when and if something goes wrong. Scratched Glass is one of those things. I found out by speaking with other trade professionals, that it is a fairly common problem. So I put myself out there to help.

Working with Glass

Glass Restoration Inc. was born out of a personal necessity when I had severely scratched glass on a project here in Florida. I put some serious effort into finding a way to get out of a huge scratched glass loss. But it was my wife that found the methods that we used first. Glass Scratch Removal saved our hide on the first project. We have repeatedly been back to school for scratch removal, on average, we train twice a year with top industry innovators to stay on top of our game. We have not had to raise our prices since 2009. Due to industry advancements and proprietary techniques, we have become more valuable to our customers due to jobs taking much less time than it took when we began this business. What we have learned from removing scratches from glass has worked on glass with mineral scale too.

 Glass from submarine, Stanton Barbas removes scratches from glass, Tampa, Venice Florida. Call the pros to get it right. Scratched Glass Repair. We have worked on very sensitive glass. We can restore your glass too. Call 941-923-9679 to fix you glass.Stanton Barbas, Restoring Glass since 2010

Stanton actually got started with me in 2006, but only as a summer job, as he was in High School. After graduating in 2010, he joined us full time, and is now the Vice President. He spent his first year working on final polishing stages, clean up and spotting scratches. We spent time traing with Factory scratch removal inventor and innovatorsBecause of good training by top professionals, he is quickly became one of the top glass scratch removal specialists in Florida. Don't let his 22 year young age fool you. Because we travel and train, rather than "train by video", he has a big advantage over his competitors.

We train with the original inventor of the modern day scratch removal processes, the guy who holds many patents on the products and processes. Nearly every large glass producing factory uses the same materials, equipment and processes that we use. They recieve the same training that we receive twice a year. 

We Train Glass Restoration Specailists!

We have recently began training glass restoration professinals from around the country. More details will be forthcoming when we have openings for Glass Scratch Removal training sessions. We have very strict guidelines, and not all will qualify.

Glass Restoration Inc. 2818 Grafton St, Sarasota FL 34231. 941-923-9679 Office 941-295-7342 Fax