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Scratched Glass Repairedscratched glass under magnifying glass, Glass Restoration Inc. Most scratches in glass are easily seen by light passing through from a particular angle. Scratched glass that looks good at noon my look bad at 7:00 PM. We fix scratched glass. 941-923-9679

These are just a few examples to show the cost savings of restoration over replacement. The replacement costs below do not include the headaches and hassles that come with a major repair to a home or business. Glass Restoration has always been well below 50% of the replacement cost. But even if restoration cost was 60% or 70% it would still be a tremendous savings for our customers and a benefit for our environment.

Scratched glass repair Siesta Key, FL

  • Siesta Key, Florida: Glass replacement cost - $12,650. Glass Restoration was only $4800.
  •  Siesta Key, Florida: 7 large Marvin Windows on a beach front home had multiple scratches on the glass. All were West facing windows with an amazing view of the Gulf of Mexico. We restored the glass by removing the scratches from the glass for less cost than replacing 1 widow. They were impact rated and Low E IG units. We saved the builder about $8500 compared to replacement costs, and he was able to collect his final Draw and keep a happy customer.
  • Siesta Key Condo with scratched glass on 2 doors. The builder could not get the final draw until the glass problem was resolved. We solved that problem and saved them 70% over replacement of the glass.

St. Augustine, Florida Scratched Glass Repair

  • World of Gulf, St. Augustine, Florida: A stucco contractor accidentally scratched glass on dozens of sliding glass doors overlooking the golf course. Glass Replacement cost - $24,000. Glass Restoration was only $8400

Sarasota Florida Scratched Glass restored

  • Sarasota, Florida: 2009 Lexus windshield. Glass replacement cost - $590. Glass Restoration was only $110

  • Sarasota Fl: Plaza at Five Points _ scratched windows and doors in lobby. Replacement cost over $1200.00 - Glass Restoration only $70.00

  • Sarasota FL, Glass table top with accidental chemical etching. Replacement Cost $800. restoration only $137.00

  • Sarasota, Florida scratched glass table. Valued by owner at $1100. Restored for $115.00.

  • Sarasota, Florida scratched glass table. Valued by owner at $1100. Restored for $115.00

  • Lido Beach, Fl: Penthouse condo - damaged sliders from painter that accidenally scratched the glass. Replacement cost over $12000.00 - Glass Restoration only $375.00.

  • The Oakes Club  in Osprey Florida scratch damaged sliding glass door with impact rated Lowe E glass valued at $1200 replacement for the panel. We repaired it for $263.75, or 22% of replacement cost.

  • An $11,000 glass vanity top from Thingk Glass was delivered to an exclusive hpme in Nokomis Florida. It has surface irregularity over about 7 square feet of it. Normally this would have involved shipping it back to Canada for repair, then back to the customer. The lost time as well as shipping costs and risks were high. We repaired it for $200.00. Check out to see the coolest glass made.

  • 2011 Lexus ES 350 windshield scratched at car wash. Replacement would have been $1600. We removed the scratches from the glass for $285.00. We are recommended by Lexus of Sarasota.

Venice Florida scratched glass repaired

  • Venice, Florida glass repair: $650 shower glass with stubburn mineral deposits. Restored for $190.00.

  • Venice, Florida: Butt glass windows were severely scrached by film installer. We restored it for $700. Repacement of the scratched glass would have been $1920.00.

  • Venice Florida: Deli case with weld burns. Glass Replavement $700. Restored for UNDER $200.00.

  • Scratched windshield repair, Nokomis FL. A coustomer had a new 2012 Chrysler Town and Country van. An error cleaning Love Bugs off the windshild left permanent damage to the glass. We remove permanent damage on glass. For $115.00, the scratched windshield was repaired at his home.

  • Venice, FL:Cadillac Windshield with wiper scratched repaired for $200. Replacemet cost would have been over $650.00. 

  • Crest Cadilac has used Glass Restoration Inc. on their new building to fix scratched glass.

Bradenton Florida Glass Restoration

  • Panther Ridge, Manatee County, $9,000 in glass windows and doors restored for just over $900.

  • Bradenton, Fl: Waterfront Condo - fixed windows with mineral deposits. Replacement cost - $3500.00 Glass Restoration only $285.00

  • Bradenton FL, Water spots on new windows from reclaimed water in sprinklers. Replacement cost $700.00. Restoration was $115.00.

  •  Palm Aire, Sarasota FL, $700 table top with 2 14" scratches that were 1/1000" deep. Repaired for $200. Yes you could easily catch a nail. Thanks for the recomendation Shower Shop.

  • Bradenton, Fl: Pierce Manufacturing - Scratched window glass on new ambulance for Waco Fire Department - found day before delivery. Replacement over $400.00? - Restoration only $85.00

  • The Cascades, Bradenton FL. $800 dining tabe glass repaired for $115.00

  • Bradenton Florida. We just resored the lense from a telescope that was thought to be ruined. Optics are not our specialty, but the customer was faced with a ruined optic glass and $1850 replacement cost. After the customer searched extensively, one of our previous customers recomended us to him. We gave it a try, then we gave it back to him restored for $115.00. This is the first damaged telescope glass that we tried. The glass was harder than typical architectural or automotive glass, but we succeeded again.

  • Rye Wilderness: Shower glass scratched on a DR Horton build.We repaired the scratched glass for 14% of replacement cost.

St. Petersburg, Florida Sratched Glass

  • Saint Petersburg, Fl: damaged impact slider. Replacement cost - $900.00 Glass Restoration only $155.00
  • St Petersburg Florida: 14 panels of impact rated, Lo E glass on sliding glass doors, all facing the water had scratched glass of varying degress. Some of the glass with scratches were damaged on both sies of the glass. Replacement of the glass would have been $9800 plus a major inconvenience for the Contractor and the Homeowner. We were able to unscratch the glass and polish the scratches out of the glass for $2600. The Contractor was able to turn the home over to the Homeowner and receive his final draw.
  • St. Petersburg FL Historic Restoration. A medical building on the Historic Registrar had acid graffiti damage on 13 windows each measuring 5' x 7'. Replacement would have been over $8,000. We restored them for just over $2300.
  • St. Pete Beach, Florida. Front door glass insert restored for $155.00. Value of glass was around $600.
  • St. Petersburg Yachts: Boats and yacht glass restored, many!
  •  St. Petersburg, downtown: Historic Building with Acid Graffiti restored for 20% of replacement.

Tampa Florida glass with Scratches Repaired

  • Tampa, FL: $1500 worth of butt glass with scratches on both sides. Restored for $240.00.

Longboat Key Glass Scratch Repair

  • Longboat Key, Fl: Sliding door - impact glass with scratches. Replacement cost - $2300. Glass Restoration was only $200.00
  • Longboat Key, FL: Large and expensive glass table with scratched glass restored for $560.00. Replavement costs wold have been $1260.00
  • Longboat Key Yacht glass with scratches restored.
  • Lutz, Florida
  • 2 large sliding glass doors with scratched glass. They were brand new Low E Impact rated and the panels were 4' wide. Expensive replacement glass. We restored all 4 pieces for $350.00.
  • We fix scratched glass for the top national builders, saving them time and money. We have worked for Taylor Morrison, Ashton Woods, M/I Homes and Ruttenburg in Lutz area.

Scratched Glass Repair in Fort Myers, Florida

  • The former Glass Polishers in Fort Myers now recommend us, and have restored many panes in Fort Myers.

Sanibel Islands, Florida

  • Scratches on 2 impact slider panels and 2 impact windows repaired for just over $500.00. Replacement would have been $4200.

Cape Coral Glass Polish

  • We restored a beautiful sand blasted mermaid glass table that was made by an artist in Miami. 
Lakewood Ranch Glass Repair
  • Lakewood Ranch, FL: Shower Glass and But Glass picture window valued at $2900 for replacement. We removed the scratches and Restored the glass for $327.00.
  • Lakewood Ranch, FL. 10 large sliding glass door panels made with Low E impact rated glass were scratched badly inside and out on a brand new home. Glass was valued at $9100 to replace. We removed the scratches and restored the clarity for just over $1700.

Indian Shores, FL scratched glass

  • Indian Shores, FL: Gulf Blvd Condo scratch in new Turtle Glass scratched on sling glass door. Replacement cost $1600. Restoration was $197.50.
  • Indian Rocks, FL. Scratch in Turtle Glass on a beach front condo. Of course it was impact rated and very expensive. Repair for $155.00.
  • On a waterfront home with all glass toward the gulf, nearly every piece of glass was scratched on 2 stories. We repaired the scratched glass for about 20% of replacement costs.

Clearwater Florida glass with scratches repaired

  • Clearwater, FL. In shop repair of $600 piece for $150.00. The scratch in the glass was 3' long.
  • Clearwater FL. Probably the most technical glass restored to date. We saved 7 pieces of glass that were etched and edge lit by LED lights that showed every imperfection that the glass came with when brand new. Our results? Better than new! Edge lighting finds every problem. Another huge savings for our customer. Our full charge for 7 pieces was roughly the cost of 1 replacement.

Palmetto Florida Glass Repair

  • Palmetto FL scratched glass in impact rated sliding glass doors. 3 deep scratches measuring .002" deep (most scratches we find are less than half that depth). These were 8' tall sliders. Replacement costs for the 2 panels would have exceeded $2000, restoration was $370. 

Punta Gorda Scratched Glass

  • Punta Gorda, FL: 3 panel sliding glass door. Replacement cost - $1800. Repair Cost $190
  • Punta Gorda, FL. Just repaired damage from Hurricane Charlie on impact glass sliders and windows. Yes 2011 fix from 2004 storm. Relacement cost in access of $2000. Restoration was $283.00.
  • 3 4' x 8' sliding glass door panels saved for $197.50 on Punta Gorda Isles.

Anna Maria Island glass repair

  • Anna Maria, Fl: Multiple sliding door panels with scratches on glass. Replacement cost - $14,000. Glass Restoration was only $2400.
  • We fixed scratched glass on yachts for the local Yacht Sales and service company. we fix boat glass!
  • Many others!

Largo Florida scratched glass repair

  • Largo Florida, scratched glass on 8th floor of a condo tower. The glass was a brand new impact resistant bay window valued at over $15,000. Replacement costs would be even more expensive to to lift rental and demo costs. The scacthed glass repair was only $200.

Safety Harbor Scratched Glass

  •  Safety Harbor, Florida. We just resurfaced about 100 square feet of 1/2" thick laminated, butt joined glass for about 1/3 the cost of replacement. This glass was scratched severely over nearly 100% of the surface. This glass became the Poster Child for damaged glass. It would have cost the owner over $9000 for replacement of the scratched glass. Many were deep scratches in the glass that were easily felt, even without using your fingernail. Another Save by Glass Restoration Inc.
  • we fixed scratched glass nan door for cheap! Replacement would have been more thab $6000.
  • We fixed $18,000 woth of glass for $4,800 on a waterfront home in Safety Harbor.

Tallahassee Florida glass restored.

  • Tallahassee Florida glass restored. A car is not restored completely unless the glass is also restored. That is why an avid collector brought us his windshield from a 1963 Plymouth Belvedere for restoration. We have recieved state wide recognition for our quality service. This customer found us valuable enough to drive 5 1/2 hours for our service.

Vero Beach Glass Restoration

  • Vero Beach Florida, $5000 worth of impact rated glass restored for $775.00. Another happy customer!

Glass Repair in Temple Terrace Florida

  • Temple Terrace, Florida: A beautiful home on the gulf course had accidental scratches on the glass, and right at eye level. They were impact rated Lo E glass. Glass restoration efforts to remove scratches from glass worked flawlessly, and the cost was under $300.

Casey Key, Florida Glass Repair

  • Many cars and homes restored.
  • We remove mineral deposit from glass. A water front home had several slider panels restored by Glass Restoration Inc. saving them $6200 over replacement.
  • North end Casey Key home, Glass Restoration saved the contractor more that $19,000 by repairing scratched glass.

Valrico, Florida scratched glass

  • shower enclosure with about 10 scratches restored for $345.00 compaired to $892.00 replacement.

 Thonotosassa, FL scratched glass repaired

  • A beautiful home on the lake had severl MQ doors and windows scratched. We restored them by repairing the scratched glass for 30% of replacement cost.

  • 20,000+ square foot house with many pieces of scratched glass. A few of the pieces of glass were so badly scratched that replacement costs would equal restoration cost. The replacement would take nearly 6 weeks to get, and the job deadline was looming. Restoration of the glass took less than 1 week, and saved an overall $10,000 over replacing all the scratch damaged glass.

 Naples, Florida

  • Lely Resort table top that was 2 weeks new was scratched. We restored it for $200.00.

  • Forest Glen: The granite installers accidently hit the vanity mirror while performing their final polish, leaving a 3" x 1" abraision on the glass surface. We resored it for $180.00 plus travel.

  • Naples builder savers nearly $10,000 by using Glass Restoration Inc. to fix scratched glass on a 2014 build! 7 impact rated 8' tall slider panels were scratched by a subcontractor. We Fixed the scratched Glass.

  • 7 slider panels scratched up by the glass cleaner. They were 9' tall impact rated Low E glass. Replacement wouold have been just over $10,000. They were restored for less than 20% of that cost.

 Winter Park, Florida scrached glass

Scratched glass shower enclosure repaired. Customer saved big!

Daytona Beach, Florida

  • On a beach front condominium building, the painters accidently scratched the glass on 6 units on the beach side of the building, spoiling the view. A local restoration guru was hired to fix the scratched glass. After spending the better part of a day, he told the manager, "I ruined your glass", He left the job not to return. Glass Restoration Inc. was recommended by a local window supplier. We not only restored the glass that the first person didn't repair, but we repaired his ruined glass as well. We saved the association over $15,000.


 Atlanta, Ga.

  • Classic Car glass restored. Beautifl '66 Porsche glass.

 Cincinnati, Ohio Classic Car Glass Restored.

  •  A top rated car restoration company, Metalkraft Coachwerks, sends their glass to me for restoration.


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